Inviting applications for a PhD position

Space Systems Laboratory invites application for a PhD Position to work on National Supercomputing Mission sponsored project on “Orbit computation of Resident Space Objects (RSO) for Space Situational Awareness” at IIITD. The application details can be found here.

Due to increased human activity in the last two decades, the near-earth space is becoming congested from functional/non-functional satellites and space debris. These space objects of human origin along with natural asteroids and space weather possess natural, accidental or intentional threats to the functional and expensive satellites.

The goal of this project is to develop a prototype computationally efficient orbit computation software tool for RSO using NSM infrastructure. It is expected that the outcome of the project will contribute towards India’s self-reliance in risk assessment for space assets by providing operationally flexible, scalable, transparent and indigenous collision probability solution.

The selected candidate will work on high fidelity orbit propagation of RSOs and help in developing AI algorithms for future collision probability analysis.

Essential Qualifications:

  1. Master degree in ECE or related field with CGPA >= 7.5
  2. Good written, verbal, and visual communication skills.
  3. Knowledge about linear algebra, vector calculus, Orbital Mechanics, State Space Methods, Stochastic Process
  4. Proficient in Linux, MATLAB, C++ and Python
  5. Prior experience in High Performance Computing is desirable
  6. Maximum age limit – 35 years

Monthly Remunerations:

  1. Rs. 31,000/- (+ HRA) for CSIR-UGC Net (Assistant Professorship)/ GATE qualified candidate

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Sanat K Biswas
Sanat K Biswas
Assistant Professor

My research interests include GNSS, Orbital Mechanics, Estimation Theory, Space Situational Awareness