Multi-sensor data fusion and Orbit determination with nonlinear estimation for space debris RADAR

Due to increased human activity in the last two decades, the near-earth space is becoming congested from functional/non-functional satellites and space debris.

Optimal control of a launch vehicle trajectory

The objective of the project is to develop optimal control schemes for controling launch vehicle trajectory

Precise Orbit Determination for LEO satellites

This project focuses on developing a Precise Orbit Determination algorithm for LEO satellites

GNSS Interference Source Tracking

The objective of the project is to develop an accurate GNSS interference source tracking and identification mechanism

MEasurement of Geo-parameters from High-altitude NAvigation Satellite Signals using sDr (MEGHNAD)

Global and Regional Navigation Satellite Systems are well known for their primary purpose i.

Orbit Computation of Resident Space Objects for Space Situational Awareness

There are more than 20000 man-made objects of more than 10 cm in size floating around in near-earth space which pose collision threats to functional satellites.